Cibran I.

Cibran was born in Mallorca, started his career in the visual world in London at the age of 20. It was in his travels where he developed his passion about really observing the world, that is where he get his inspiration. 

After returning to Madrid, he started working in the commercial world for video and film production houses such as “Cool Shot” and “Mind the Gap”. He then went on to winning silver at the 2004 FIAP for his Play Station “Line” spot, which led him to direct many advertising campaigns in Spain, as well as a show for the Spanish Soccer League at HBO Latino. Since then, he has been expanding and working internationally for the Latin American and Middle Eastern markets, which landed him a Cannes Lion in 2016 for his Almarai spot. He has a very versatile style, which allows him to work with incorporate kids, humor, lifestyle, cars, beverages and celebrities. He also develops creativities for clients and agencies. He is a bike and travelling lover.

Cibran's Work